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Customer Testimonials

Hi Tammy,


Thanks for this and Bob would like for us to give a testimonial which we would like to say :


Reclaimed Roofs is a top notch and trustworthy company to work can count on them for a flawless transaction !

Bob from Reclaimed Roofs   picked  some ( a LOT ) of slate  up from our home and we couldn’t have been  more pleased with him  and Reclaimed Roofs . 

Job was very  well done ... he was exceptionally  courteous , polite and a pleasure to work with during the entire process .


Thank you Reclaimed Roofs !


Tony from NC

I would like to take a minute just to let you know that we at Saunders Roofing in Richmond,Va are so pleased with your customer service and delivery I will continue to do business with Reclaimed Roofs Thank you for everything.

Joe Rogo

Hi Doug this is Dave from Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament in Bensalem, PA. Bob and his fine crew finished up yesterday at our location. I just wanted to say that you should be very proud of them. They were all very courteous, hard working but most of all very professional. It was a pleasure working with them the last couple of weeks. Please know that I would not hesitate recommending your company to anyone.


Take care and God Bless all of you!

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