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Selling to Reclaimed Roofs

Since reclaimed slate cannot be quarried nor reclaimed tile be manufactured, it must come from people who took the time and care to save it.  If you have any reclaimed roofing slate, clay tile, concrete tile or rigid mineral fiber shingles, please let us know what you have available. Click the email button to send us a photo and some details for us to make an offer.

Please Include:

1) Photo; close-up and overall shots
2) Overall Length
3) Overall Width
4) Thickness
5) Appoximate Quantity of Material

6) City, State & Zip of the location of the materials.

7) Means to laod pallet: forklift, dock etc.

Reclaimed Roofs buy and sells used roof tiles and slate
Abandoned Philladelphia church

Approximately 50 sq of semi weathering gray-green VT slate was reclaimed from this old abandoned church in southeast Pa.

Vintage barn roof

Approximately 30 sq of tile was reclaimed from this old barn roof in central PA.

High school in NY

Approximately 40 sq of material reclaimed and trimmed from this high school in NY.

Central Pa church

200+ square of Lanai tile salvaged from several buildings in central Pennsylvania.


Clay tile reclaimed from this courthouse in Delaware is currently in the "featured material" page.

A WV university roof

100+ sq of Georgian gray-brown-black tile salvaged from this university in WV.

Semi weathereing gray

Reclaimed over 100 sq of 3/8-1/2 semi weathering gray green slates from this home being demolished in NY

Coastal CT home

Reclaimed nearly 60 sq of tile and thousands of trim pieces from this roof in CT

South CT mansion

Almost 70 sq and thousands of pieces of trim salvaged from this house in CT

Mansion in south CT
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