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Our Philosphy

Our philosophy about reclaimed slate and tile has been formed over two decades of helping our customers install and repair great looking roofs on a daily basis. We take great pains to procure many types of slate and tile to match the roofs of North America. We stock over 2.5 million pieces of material, which gives us the ability to service our customers rapidly.


Specifically for the Contractor: Installing or repairing these roofs is difficult enough without the added stress and time it takes to locate the correct materials for your job. We believe by supplying you the matching material in an efficient and professional manner. It allows you to make your customer’s roof look great every time. Happy customers always lead to more business in the future.


Specifically for the Home Owner: There are several reasons to have a slate or tile roof; they are fireproof, they outlast almost any other type of roof, they are a “green” roof, and the primary reason we have them is that they look great to us. Since the appearance is the #1 reason for having such a roof, keeping it properly repaired with matching materials is something to enjoy each time you arrive home. Settling for mismatched slate or tile for a repair or addition will be a Band-Aid on your roof you see every time. If you are installing a whole new roof of slate or tile, please take the time to get exactly what you like from the myriad of choices available. We can assist with finding the right roof for you.

The Philosphy of Recleimed Roofs

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"


"Everything yields to diligence."
- Thomas Jefferson

"We do not inherit the earth from out ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

- Native American Proverb

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