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Submit a Photo for Matching.

We can accurately identify you materials most efficiently with a picture and a few dimensions.

Please Include:

1) Photo
2) Overall Length
3) Overall Width
4) Thickness
5) Appoximate Quality of Material

6) City, State and Zip of where you would like the material shipped so we can include the transportation cost.

How to measure a roof tile

Identification and Matching Service

There are many types of slate and tile on the roofs of North America.  In most cases, we can immediately identify where the slate was quarried or can tell you which tile plant manufactured the material you need. However, if additional resources are needed to find the origin of a particular product, we have them at our direct disposal.  Once the step of identification is taken care of, we can provide the slate or tile needed for your project.


Access to all makes of clay tile in North America

Between inventory and sourcing, we can supply almost any slate or tile available.

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