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Featured Product


Lanai & Light Weight Interlocking Tile

Thousands  of Squares of Interlocking Tile Packed & Priced to Move it out!

158 pcs per roofing sq (100 sq ft)
Dimensions: 9"x14" x7/8"
Weight: 800 lbs per sq

Early American Old Type Light Weight Interlocking
LWI DG Blend
Dark Brown Rough Bark
Dark Brown Rough Bark
Lanai Red/ Brown mi
Lanai Dark Blend
Lanai Dark Blend
Lanai HG Blend


Priced to move!

Call 302-369-9187 for pricing

Unusual & Related Items

Hundred of "chalkboard slate" available. Roughly 4ft x 5 ft and smaller.  Sold by the square ft. Call for pricing.

10 inch and 11 inch long Peach Bottom, VT Green, Purple slate now available! Great for turrets, small out-buildings, porches and crafts!