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Your Unlimited Resource for Slate and Tile

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Reclaimed Roofs, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best quality, hard-to-find roofing slate or tile for any project. Our company supplies matching slate and tile for repairs and additions as well as large quantities for new homes and buildings. We can furnish unique looking roofs that give a structure an immediate historical look.

Reclaimed is a word you may not hear often. The Webster's dictionary defines it as follows: "to recover for use from refuse or waste material". This definition inspired the name of our company. Simply put, most of material we provide has been saved from an unnecessary trip to the landfill. There are several synonyms for the word reclaimed that you may have heard when discussing roofing slate and tile, such as used, salvaged, recycled, obsolete, historic, antique and vintage. So, if you are looking for roofing slate, clay tile, concrete tile or rigid mineral fiber shingle with any of these descriptive words attached to it, we can be of service to you.

Please contact us to discuss your slate and tile needs.

Doug Cochran, Owner

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